Autism - What's the Difference?

autism spot the difference

Traits that a person without Autism may display:-

Can process information quickly

Can easily calm self after stress

Can change plans quickly and easily

Good at reading facial expressions

Loves to talk!

Gets jokes - appreciates sarcasm

Can easily empathise

Can ignore background noises

Can tell white lies

Has a range of interests

Easily understands the complexity of different types of relationships

Enjoys socialising

Likes surprises!


Can you see the difference?

As Autism is a hidden disability, it is impossible to tell if a person has Autism from their appearance. However, there are certain behaviour traits that MAY be displayed by an individual with Autism (to a greater or lesser degree). By being aware of these differences, a person may be better able to assist and support an individual with Autism, if necessary.

autism spot the difference 2

Traits that a person with Autism may display:-

Can take words and phrases literally

May be anxious

Can be rigid or routine bound

Unusual behaviours

Lack of facial expression

Little interest in small talk

Difficulty understanding others points of view

Sensitivity to sound

Extreme honesty

Special interests or obsessions

Often knowledgeable & driven on certain topics